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Create your Official IJF Backnumber

To create your back number you only have to complete your name and country code. Click the preview button to view the result before ordering.
This is the only back number approved to be used at IJF events.

4.90,- EUR + VAT *

New size judogi back number
The IJF is introducing a new smaller judogi back number for lighter weights.
Judoka in the following categories can choose the new smaller backnumber:
Women’s -40 kg, -44 kg,- 48 kg, -52 kg
Men’s -50 kg, -55 kg, -60 kg, -66 kg 

Attention! It is just an option it is not compulsory to use the smaller one, but it is also approved by the IJF.

General product details

* For Persons from outside of the EU and companys in the EU with valid VAT ID, no VAT (27%) will be charged.